Hidden Valley Cabin

WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE DIRECTIONS! IF YOU JUST PLUG OUR ADDRESS INTO YOUR GPS, IT MAY TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER ADDRESS- A  HORSE FARM OFF OF LEHR ROAD/ RATHBURN ROAD. BECAUSE WE SIT SOO FAR BACK OFF THE ROAD IS THE ONLY ANSWER AS TO WHY A GPS DOES THIS. IF by accident you have arrived at a horse farm down in a valley, Once back at the top of the driveway, turn left onto Lehr Road, Take Lehr Road to the stop sign which is St Rt 302, also Lattasburg road, turn Left. Go 1 mile to the number 8-mile marker. Drive on left in dip in the road GO ALL THE WAY DOWN DRIVE.

USE THIS ADDRESS FOR GPS PURPOSES: 5490 Lattasburg Road, Wooster, OH 44691 (also called State Route 302) Directly across from the number 8-mile marker. It’s actually our neighbors address at the top of our drive, but it will get you to the correct driveway! From Downtown Wooster, Take West Old Lincoln Way out past Fairgrounds, turn right onto Lattasburg Road, Go exactly 4 miles to the number 8-mile marker

Go ALL THE WAY DOWN THE WINDY DRIVE, DRIVING VERY SLOWLY. IT’S A VERY STEEP, WINDY DRIVE AND DEPENDING ON THE TIME OF YEAR, MAY HAVE SEASONAL RUTS FROM WEATHER CONDITIONS. There is a house at the top of the entrance, not us, please keep pulling forward until you reach the valley, THE CABIN is on the LEFT, and our HOME is on the RIGHT. You may pull up in the yard on the left in front of cabin, taking caution with plants, trees, and landscaping, and our PET DUCKS! Meet Penny,Jack, Diane, Peanut & Arliss. (They love bread if you would like to hand feed them)


5510 Lattasburg RdWoosterOhio 44691, United States

+1.(330) 465-6321


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